Details about Santa Fe LEAP

Who was eligible for funding in the Santa Fe MGI Project?

The goal of the Santa Fe MGI project is to assist young parents attain their educational goals so that they are able to provide a stable income for themselves and their families in the future. The funding will target one hundred young parents, making less than 200% of the the Federal poverty level (about $34,000 for a family of two or $52,000 for a family of four) enrolled in a certificate or degree program at the Santa Fe Community College (SFCC).

What benefits do they receive?

Randomly selected students who qualify for assistance receive a monthly income of $400 for a year.

How does guaranteed income change lives?

There is a growing body of evidence that proves that a guaranteed income changes lives and reduces those trapped in a cycle of poverty. Learn more about this research here .

How can you get involved?

Although there is funding to cover one year of assistance, we have the goal of expanding to a second year of guaranteed income and increasing payments from $400 to $500. To accomplish this, we need your help. Make a gift that will go to the Santa Fe MGI project. Checks should be sent to the SFCC Foundation and directed to the MGI Project.

All donations are 100% tax deductible.

For general questions email

To make a donation to fund future Santa Fe LEAP participants, contact Kelly A. Marquez, MBA, Executive Director, SFCC Foundation.

Email: Phone: (505) 428-1175

Learn more about the SFCC Foundation at .

About Mayors for a Guaranteed Income

About MGI

Visit MGI’s websit HERE

Economic insecurity isn’t a new challenge or a partisan issue. Wealth and income inequality, which have long plagued our country, continue to grow. Even prior to the pandemic, people who were working two and three jobs still couldn’t afford basic necessities. COVID-19 has only further exposed the economic fragility of most American households, and has disproportionately impacted Black and Brown people.

Rooted in Legacy

Building off his first-of-its-kind guaranteed income pilot (SEED) and rooted in Dr. King’s legacy, Mayor Michael D. Tubbs (Stockton, CA) and the Economic Security Project founded Mayors for a Guaranteed Income in June 2020. Mayors will come together in this network to advocate for a guaranteed income—direct, recurring cash payments—that lifts all of our communities, building a resilient, just America.

Statement of Principles

WHEREAS, the U.S. is one of the wealthiest countries in the world but prosperity and well-being are not broadly shared. Nearly 40% of Americans cannot afford a single $400 emergency, and rising income inequality is compounded by a growing racial wealth gap; and

WHEREAS, the median white worker made 28% more than the typical Black worker and 35% more than the median Latinx worker in the last quarter of 2019, and the median wealth of white families was more than $100,000 while the median wealth of Black families was approximately $10,000 prior to the coronavirus pandemic; and 

WHEREAS, women – particularly women of color – are the most likely to live in poverty, are overrepresented in low-paying occupations, and are far more likely to lack access to sick leave and health care benefits; and 

WHEREAS, Black women are paid 66 cents for every dollar that is paid to white men, and Latinas make even less at 58 cents for every dollar white men make; and

WHEREAS, we live in a time of pandemics and climate disruptions, and everyone deserves an income floor through a guaranteed income, which is a monthly, cash payment given directly to individuals. It is unconditional, with no strings attached and no work requirements. A guaranteed income is meant to supplement, rather than replace, the existing social safety net and can be a tool for racial and gender equity. 

WHEREAS, a guaranteed income empowers recipients to address their most urgent needs and provides a cushion for unpredictable expenses, external shocks, and volatility; and

WHEREAS, as mayors, our problems may look different from town to town, but we are united in our duty to ensure the economic security of our residents through a guaranteed income. 

Now, therefore, we resolve to work together to advance the following principles:

  1. Advocate for a guaranteed income at the local, state, and federal level.
  2. Invest in narrative change efforts to highlight the lived experiences of economic insecurity. 
  3. Invite other cities to join us in our efforts, and provide technical assistance and funding support for new pilots.

Mayors for a Guaranteed Income is a network of mayors advocating for a guaranteed income to ensure that all Americans have an income floor.