Santa Fe LEAP

The City of Santa Fe Learn, Earn, Achieve Program (SF LEAP) is a part of the Mayors for a Guaranteed Income (MGI) Project. It was designed to explore the effect of a guaranteed income on our community by assisting young parents enrolled at SFCC.

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Guaranteed Income

Mayor Michael D. Tubbs from Stockton, CA and the Economic Security Project founded Mayors for a Guaranteed Income in June 2020. Mayors, including Santa Fe Mayor Alan Webber, came together in this network to implement guaranteed income projects across the country that lift all of our communities, building a resilient, just America. A guaranteed income is a monthly, cash payment given directly to individuals. It is unconditional, with no strings attached and no work requirements. A guaranteed income is meant to supplement, rather than replace, the existing social safety net and can be a tool for racial and gender equity. Learn more here . Each project across the country looks a little different in response to the local needs. Santa Fe has received a grant for $500,000 from MGI to help young student parents enrolled at SFCC attain their educational goals.

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For SFCC Student Applicants

Applications closed for 2021/2022 School Year

Step 1: Apply

The application process opens August 4. Applications will be accepted for one week. Applications can also be found at SFCC and at the City of Santa Fe. Email info@santafeleap.org for more information.

To qualify for the lottery, applicants must meet all of the following qualifications:

  • Between the ages of 18 and 30
  • A primary caregiver of a child under 18
  • Enrolled in a certificate or degree program at SFCC and planning on attending classes in the Fall of 2021
  • Has been enrolled in at least one class at SFCC prior to the Fall of 2021
  • Make less than 200% of the federal poverty level (About $34,000 for a family of two or $52,000 for a family of four)

Step 2: Selection

One hundred applicants will be randomly selected from the applicant pool.

Selected applicants will be informed that they were chosen in early August and will begin the onboarding process.

Those who were not selected are still eligible for other SFCC services. Learn more here:

Step 3: Onboarding

After you are selected you will need to go through an onboarding process to ensure you understand the impact of a guaranteed income on benefits.

  1. Sign up for a time to meet with a benefits counselor
  2. You will be provided with a password to access videos and documents
  3. Watch all onboarding videos HERE before your appointment
  4. Review paperwork HERE before your appointment
  5. Meet with benefits counselor and sign paperwork

Santa Fe LEAP Benefits Counselors

Santa Fe LEAP provided qualified benefits counselors to help participants navigate the impact guaranteed income could have on their family.

We hired three contract workers to help onboard the SFCC student participants. This will be a month long position from early August until early September. You will be responsible for helping 25 students understand the project and navigate the potential impact to their public benefits. This will be approximately 40 hours of work, including a mandatory training the week of August 8th. To accommodate the schedule of the students, evening and weekend hours will likely be required. A stipend will be provided.